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Glenn Marshall

Colombia and Croatia, Kenya and Kyrgyzstan, and many countries that don’t start with a ‘kuh’. We’ve received entries to the cartoon festival from all around the planet, and we have put as many of them as we could fit into the Town Hall Theatre gallery.

Unlike our Armistice Exhibition in the Black Gate Cultural Centre, this exhibition has no theme – it’s just whatever we thought was funny or pointed and relevant. So there are more gag cartoons in this one, from the likes of – of course – Tom Mathews, as well as some of the most famous UK cartoonists like Ed McLachlan, Nick Newman, Jonesy, Banx and Martin Rowson, whom you will have seen in UK newspapers or magazines like Private Eye.

There are also many, many lovely works by international stars of cartooning like our special guest Marilena Nardi, Liza Donnelly of the New Yorker, Cristina Sampaio of Portugal and Gatis Sluka of Latvia, as well as serious talents who probably won’t have been seen in Ireland before such as Victor Ndula and Til Mette. 

Then there are just about all the famous Irish political cartoonists including Jim Cogan, Martyn Turner, Tom Halliday, Aongus “Scratch” Collins and Gerard Crowley (not to mention the solo show by Graeme Keyes which takes place in the same venue), some fantastic newer Irish talents like TwistedDoodles and Ciaraíoch, and a fine showing by local artists including Annie West, Jessica Lawrence, Jim Ward and of course Allan Cavanagh. 

As with our other exhibitions, there are many prints, signed prints and even originals on sale. Call Margaret at 086 875 8341 if you see anything you’d like. 

Open every day except Sunday, (and even Sundays when there’s a show on in the theatre). We recommend going along at about ten past seven in the evening, as that’s when the bar opens… 

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