Graeme Keyes! Solo Show

Town Hall Theatre

Mon-Sat, 10am – 7.30pm

Now it can be revealed!

(Mainly, because it’s already been revealed all over the place.)

The Galway Cartoon Festival’s featured artist for 2018 is the inimitable Graeme Keyes

Graeme first became part of the Irish public conscience as a contributor to The Phoenix magazine way back in the late ’80s. Since then he’s risen to be probably the most prolific cartoon artist in the country, not just as the Phoenix’s most recognised gag-meister or as the editorial cartoonist for the Irish Daily Mail, but also as a frequent contributor to the UK’s Private Eye

Graeme will be showing 25 pieces that capture highlights of his career in the lobby of Galway’s Town Hall Theatre. All works are originals, and all are on sale; call Margaret at 086 875 8341 if you see anything you’d like. 

Open every day except Sunday, (and even Sundays when there’s a show on in the theatre) from 10:30, though we can recommend going along at about ten past seven in the evening as that’s when the theatre bar opens. 

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