Galway Cartoon Festival Launch 1 Oct 2021 – At Large in the 2020 Hub Galway

Massive thanks to Mayor of Galway Cllr Colette Connolly for attending and speaking, to Gerry Hanberry for the music, to Vinny Brown for officially launching us and judging, and to everyone who attended!

Programme 2020: THE NEW NORMAL

UPDATE 07/10/20: ALL VENUES ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO LEVEL 3 COVID RESTRICTIONS PLEASE VIEW OUR MAIN EXHIBITION ONLINE HERE WE WILL UPDATE AS THE SITUATION ALLOWS. EXHIBITIONS: THE NEW NORMAL  (Galway 2020 Hub, The Cornstore) 2020 has witnessed an enormous change in the world with ramifications to every walk of life. Inevitably cartoonists around the world have been responding with great humour to the Covid-19 crisis, tongues planted firmly in masked cheeks. Galway Cartoon Festival would like to mark this cartoon catharsis under this year’s theme of The New Normal. Featuring over 40 cartoonists from all over the world, you’ll get to see how much we all have in common, especially now. TARRAING É I NGAEILGE  (Galway 2020 Hub, The Cornstore) Most cartoons in this country have words, but more often than not these are in English. Yet we have a healthy culture of Irish-language work being produced here, particularly in comic strips and illustration. To celebrate this, we are presenting our second annual exhibition to represent that scene. GRACE GIFFORD (Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, The Cornstore) Most people would be familiar with the song “Grace”, but not many know that she was actually a cartoonist and illustrator. We present a tale of romance, death, patriotism, history and cartoons in tribute to this remarkable woman. ART TRAIL  (Streets of Galway, map coming soon) Featuring works from THE NEW NORMAL and TARRAING É I NGAEILGE. Have a walk around and see what you can spot! TARRAING É I NGAEILGE, GRACE GIFFORD  (Áras Éanna, Inis Oírr) This year, we are branching out from the city and crossing the water to bring our Irish-language exhibition and our Grace Gifford Plunkett tribute to Áras Éanna Arts Centre on Inis Oírr. EVENTS MINI MOMA FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER, 7PM, KINLAY HOUSE, EYRE SQUARE: Artists Caoimhe Lavelle and Kristina Collender will be bringing their Mini Moma exhibition to Galway for this year’s Festival. Reproducing famous paintings in miniature, the artists will be painting these tiny canvases live for a limited audience! LIVE CARICATURES SATURDAY 3 OCTOBER, 1.30-3.30PM, HARBOUR HOTEL, GALWAY DOCKS: One of Ireland’s top caricature artists and co-founder of the Festival, Allan Cavanagh, will be drawing live caricatures in the Harbour Hotel! Pop in for a sitting and take home a commemorative Galway Cartoon Festival caricature! EXHIBITION LAUNCH: THE NEW NORMAL, TARRAING É I NGAEILGE, GRACE GIFFORD SATURDAY 3 OCTOBER, 4PM 2020 HUB, GALWAY CORNSTORE: We launch our main exhibitions in the Galway 2020 Hub with guest speaker Ted Turton. Come in for a socially distanced gander at the cartoons we have collected from artists all over the world dealing with life in the pandemic! READING: GERRY HANBERRY READS FROM ‘ON RAGLAN ROAD’ SATURDAY 3 OCTOBER, 5PM 2020 HUB, GALWAY CORNSTORE: Galway author, musician and historian Gerry Hanberry will read from his book “On Raglan Road” about the women who have inspired some well known songs, including featured artist Grace Gifford. EXHIBITION LAUNCH: TARRAING É I NGAEILGE, GRACE GIFFORD SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER, 5PM ÁRAS ÉANNA, INIS OÍRR Two strands of the Galway Cartoon Festival’s 2020 exhibition will run concurrently in Áras Éanna, Inis Oírr. This exhibition will be launched by artist and Áras Éanna Director, Dara McGee.

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