Submissions Are Open

For Festival 2024

What already? Yep. We’re extra eager for your lovely cartoons this year.

As usual we have three shows that are open to everyone:


Beasts. Of the air, of the field, of the seas. Beasts of burden and beasts of buoyancy. Beasts in human form. Beasts in human pants.

Beasts from beyond, and from whatever the opposite of beyond is. Just… any sort of beast. What does the word mean to you?

I’ve written it too many times now, I can’t remember.


But be it a cute fluffy puppy or the deadly banana slug, mythological monstrosity or bouncy bird, we just want your beasts!

General Mayhem

Gatis Šļūka, Latvia

And then there’s the show for everything else – especially topical and satirical cartoons – from any place and on any issue around all the world.

Including any great gags that happen not to be about beasts.

Tarraing É I nGaeilge

Graeme Keyes

Which is Irish for “Draw It In Irish“, and is our exhibition specifically for cartoons in that language – the only one of its kind in the world today!

Works selected for Tarraing é i nGaeilge will be shown both in Galway City and on Inis Oírr in the Aran Islands.

The Terms and the Conditions

  • All our exhibitions are open to submissions from anyone, anywhere.
  • You can send as many as you like to each exhibition.
  • Digital submissions should be sent, as 300 dpi jpegs please, to:
  • Please include a little biographical information.
  • The selected digital submissions will be printed and framed by the Galway Cartoon Festival. These framed prints will be offered for sale to help meet the costs of running this year’s festival.
  • Submitted cartoons may be used in publicity materials for the festival. They will be credited to the artist.

The Submission Deadline Is:

Friday 30 August ’24

(But do it now, you’ll have forgotten by then.)

Vladimir Kazanevsky, Ukraine

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