Last Chance To See Exhibition

Guest of Honour Marilena Nardi with curator Margaret Nolan

Sadly our exhibition for the centenary of 1918 must close in a few days. Featuring work by some of the best cartoonists from around the world and beautifully hung by Margaret Nolan, A Peace To End All Peace is an unusual and thought-provoking display of art. 

The show is open in the Black Gate Cultural Centre on Frances St from 6 pm to midnight, and is best appreciated with a nice glass of wine.

I’ll be there on Wednesday evening, if anyone would like to be told some of the stories behind various works. 

Here’s a complete catalogue of the works, many of which are still available to buy. 

1Nicolas VadotBelgiumPrint€75
2Martin RowsonUKPrint€75
3Hunt EmersonUKPrint€75
4Allan CavanaghIrelandOriginal€150
5Fadi Abou HassanPalestinePrint€50
6Ivailo TsvetkovBulgariaPrint€50
7Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrintNFS
8Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrintNFS
9Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrintNFS
10Huseyin CakmakCyprusPrint€50
11Vladislav ShirokovRussiaPrint€50
12Dean PattersonIrelandSigned Print€125
13JonesyUKSigned Print€125
14Russel HernemanUKOriginal€50
15Teja FischerGermanyPrint€50
16Nick NewmanUKOriginal€50
17Gatis SlukaLatviaPrint€50
18Jeremy BanxUKOriginal€100
19Florian Doru CrihanaRomaniaOriginal Painting€200
20Marilena NardiItalyPrint€50
21The Surreal McCoyUKPrint€50
22Crișan and PetryRomaniaPrint€50
23Jean-Claude ServaisBelgiumPrint€50
24Cristina SampaioPortugalPrint€50
25Vasiliy AlexandrovRussiaPrint€50
26Crișan and PetryRomaniaPrint€50
27Damir NovakCroatiaPrint€50
28Alexey KivokurtsevaRussiaPrint€50
29The Surreal McCoyUKSigned Print€125
30Sergei BelozerovRussiaPrint€50
31Gatis SlukaLatviaPrint€50
32NaniColumbia / SpainPrint€50
33Jia RuijunChinaPrint€50
34Marilena NardiItalyPrint€50
35Miriam WursterGermanyPrint€50
37Fadi Abou HassanPalestinePrint€50
38Florin BalabanLuxembourgPrint€50
39Virginia CabrasItalyPrint€50
40Miriam WursterGermanyPrint€50
41Martyn TurnerUK / Ireland / FrancePrint€50
42Til MetteGermanyPrint€50
43Liza DonnellyUSAPrint€50
44Marilena NardiItalyPrint€50
45Jeremy BanxUKOriginal€100
46Cristina SampaioPortugalPrint€50
47Fadi Abou HassanPalestinePrint€50
48The Surreal McCoyUKPrint€50
49The Surreal McCoyUKSigned Print€125
50Karol ČizmaziaCyprusPrint€50
51Igor SmirnovRussiaPrint€50
52NaniColumbia / SpainPrint€50
53Igor PashchenkoRussiaPrint€50
54Ivailo TsvetkovBulgariaPrint€50
55Florin BalabanLuxembourgPrint€50
56Martin RowsonUKPrint€50
57Donal CaseyIrelandPrint€50
58Igor SmirnovRussiaPrint€50
59Teja FischerGermanyPrint€50
60Liza DonnellyUSAPrint€50
61Steve BonelloMaltaPrint€50
62Jeremy BanxUKPrint€50
63Jeremy BanxUKPrint€50
64Jia RuijunChinaPrint€50
65Santiago CornejoArgentinaPrint€50
66Mustafa TozakiCyprusPrint€50
67Ivailo TsvetkovBulgariaPrint€50
68Grigori and Ilya KatzKirgyzstan / IsraelPrint€50
69Donal CaseyIrelandPrint€50
70Glenn MarshallUKSigned Print€125

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