Chosen Artists 2

Artificial Idiocy

Galway City Museum

How do you feel about the role that Artificial Intelligence increasingly plays in our world?

We asked some of the world’s best cartoonists for their reactions.

Graeme Keyes
Brady Izquierdo Cuba
Brandon Hicks Canada
Chris Madden UK
Cristina Bernazzani Italy
Damir Novak Croatia
Dave Coverly USA
Dawn Mockler Canada
Dean Patterson Northern Ireland
Graeme Keyes Ireland
Igor Pashchenko Russia
Jeremy Banx UK
Joey Mason USA
Lena Siew Ireland
Liviu Stanila Romania
Marco De Angelis Italy
Mark Winter New Zealand
Martyn Turner Ireland
Matt Percival UK
Mike Stokoe UK
Milos Randak Slovakia
Raita Ohtani Japan
Royston Robertson UK
Teresa Power Ireland
Tim Leatherbarrow UK
Tom Tomorrow USA
Vladimir Kazanevsky Ukraine

We would also like to thank the Galway City Museum, which has become a remarkable focus for interaction between the arts and sciences. The show continues here for the month.

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